In the time before fancy composite hockey sticks, personal trainers and nutritionists and multi-million dollar contracts, there was a man who played hockey for the love of the game. He played it with more tenacity and toughness than anyone who played before or after him and many of his records still stand today. His name was Gordie Howe but he is better known as Mr. Hockey. He is still the best Right Winger in the history of any human endeavor.

He is perhaps best known for the Howe Hat Trick. Most people are familiar with the regular hat trick in which a player scores three goals in one game. This is a one-dimensional measure of the skill of a player. The Howe Hat Trick is accomplished when any one player records a goal, an assist and a fight in any one game. This is a more well-rounded measure of a players’ ability and dedication to winning. Scoring a goal indicates an ability to directly put points on the board. Recording an assist indicates a willingness to sacrifice personal glory to help a team-mate achieve their goals. Fighting indicates a willingness to do what it takes to defend one’s team.

The Howe Hat Trick is symbolic of complete dedication to Right Wing ideals.


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