Why Stop There?

It seems to me that redistributing the wealth misses the point. When a Google entrepreneur makes a zillion dollars by taking his new company public, he is not forcibly taking money out of the pocket of anyone else. The creation of wealth is not a zero-sum game. Just because there are millionaires in Silicon Valley multiplying faster than mold on week-old bread does not mean that poverty has to grow at a similar rate in inner-city Detroit. Wealth grows as entrepreneurs risk it all to create successful new products and services. Poverty grows because our economy isn’t growing fast enough to create opportunities for everyone.

I think it would be great if we could just make everything fair. I know I always wanted to be the starting quarterback on my High School football team. It never seemed fair to me that there were kids born with more athletic ability than me. Surely there must be a way to even things out and give other kids a chance at the limelight despite their talent deficiencies. I would also very much like to have had the opportunity to date the Homecoming Queen even though she didn’t even know my name. Can’t we find a way to ensure that the really attractive people date their fair share of homely people? While we’re working to ensure that everyone has an equal amount of stuff, why stop there? There’s so much more that’s so unfair. The following parody suggests many other things that don’t seem fair in life that the government needs to fix.

Why Stop There?

There are…….
Some too slow to win a race
Some with acne on their face
Some not asked to go to Prom
Some no longer have a Mom
Some with no hair on their heads
Some who often wet their beds
Some don’t know the alphabet
Some who always smell like sweat
Some who blush each time they talk
Some who cannot even walk
Some whose eyes can barely see
Some who cry too easily

There’s so much now that’s so unfair
Let’s spread the wealth, but why stop there?
It isn’t fair that I’ve got less
My self-esteem is in distress
I’m smart despite my GPA
So let’s just say I got an “A”
There’s one more thing that I’d still lack
Make me the starting quarterback
With those small gestures, I’m on board
That fairness would have been restored


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