The Buck Stops Here

Governor Chris Christie has had a rough week. Who knows, at the end of the day there may be a “smoking gun” which ultimately links him to the bridge scandal. If he was involved, or had prior knowledge, he would deserve to be brought down with the others involved. Having said that, the way that he has publicly handled the situation has been exceptional. He took responsibility since it happened on his watch and then he took aggressive actions to hold people accountable. Very different from what we’ve seen out of the Obama administration when it comes to the IRS scandal, Benghazi, questionable sequester cuts meant to punish certain groups, etc.

Here is a short fictional dialog between the voters and the President.

    The Buck Stops There

A Conversation With the President
(The President’s responses are in BOLD and ITALICS)

Benghazi was a travesty
They got no armed security
Requests they made were all denied
On Nine Eleven they all died

I promised full transparency
And full accountability
Behind closed doors, I’ll shine the light
I’ll slap some wrists and make things right

There’re agents in the NSA
Who listen to each word we say
We don’t feel hurt because they do
They spy on all our allies too

Now how was I supposed to know?
I’m just the country’s CEO
I learned about it on TV
I’ll slap more wrists, leave it to me

So now no group involved with tea
Can start a 501(c)(3)
Subversive thoughts like liberty
Are dangerous in this country

My teleprompter isn’t here
Without it I can’t make things clear
Jay Carney is the man to see
He obfuscates with clarity

You like your plan, you keep your plan
A promise made to every man
A website slick as Amazon
Unless some fool tries to logon

This job is not a one-man show
There’s just so much that I can know
It’s news to me. It’s true, I swear
So don’t look here, the buck stops there


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