Thoughts on Illegal Immigration

I have yet to meet anyone who would allow an uninvited intruder to enter their home and stay there indefinitely. The rational thing to do would be to ask them to leave and then immediately enhance the security of the home. It seems logical to apply the same principles to our country. With more than 10 million illegal immigrants inside the country, it is well past the point where we can round them up and ask them to leave but at the very least, we need to enhance our border security to make sure that the problem does not continue to get worse.

This is a short satirical poem describing how ridiculous it is to think that any homeowner would let this happen inside of his or her home.

Uninvited Guest

A man came by my house one day
I told him that he couldn’t stay
He smiled at me and said “OK”
But then he wouldn’t go away

He walked right past through my front door
And put his clothes inside a drawer
He sat down and began to dine
He ate my food and drank my wine

He ate a lot and made a mess
The cost caused me a little stress
Apart from that I didn’t care
I barely knew that he was there

I let him move into my den
Things started going well and then
He called up everyone he knew
His brothers, aunts and uncles too

“Illegal’s” such a hurtful name
It’s true but often causes shame
The label that describes him best
Is as an uninvited guest

I thought that I might build a fence
But then thought that might give offense
My neighbors would not like the sight
Of boundaries ‘round them day and night

Their numbers soon began to grow
I thought of asking them to go
But how could I bid them adieu
They had a right to be there too


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