Observations on Obamacare

Health care for one and all is a very noble and worthy objective. Unfortunately, the way that this administration has chosen to pursue that goal defies the core law of economics. In order for this reform to work, the law of supply and demand must be violated. That is one law which even this President is unable to circumvent.

This is an anapestic (i.e. emphasis on every third syllable) satirical poem concerning the President’s health care reform.

Obama’s Alchemy


With wise words, a bright smile and a wave of my hand

I have canceled the law of supply and demand

One more law I have changed with a stroke of my pen

Without votes from Congressional women or men


Thirty million new patients will boost up demand

That should make prices rise but it won’t in my land

Reimbursement rate cuts should reduce the supply

But no doctors will quit! I defy one to try

You can maintain your plan. That’s a point I have stressed

I have built a new web-site that rivals the best

Prices cut to the bone with more benefits too

It’s alchemical magic I’ve cooked up for you


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